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Even when I delete the process it still returns. it is not worth loosing internet! RSS ALL ARTICLES FEATURES ONLY TRIVIA Search How-To Geek What Is ctfmon.exe and Why Is It Running? sabapathy_80 when i connect to internet some program closed my Nortan anty virous, i stoped ctfmon.exe aftar that no prb bsss It not harmful program.

Andre Ctfmon.exe activates the Alternative User Input Text Input Processor (TIP) and the Microsoft Office Language Bar. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware detects and removes sleeping spyware, adware, Trojans, keyloggers, malware and trackers from your hard drive. It changed my Active desktop, to some kind of spyware warning notice, put pornography links on my desktop and hijacked my browser start page. Gary I found a keylogger named ctfmon.exe It records all key pressed in a file ctfmon.log Ovidiu I have never installed Office XP, nobody else uses my computer.

See also: Link SQuiD Unless it's been used in a recent attack jusched.exe by itself is not harmless. If it does come back, is there a tool to remove it, like from Symantec? Samantha It uses system resources, but doesn't appear to eat CPU cycles once it's determined that there are no updates available. I did everything from delete the .exe from system32, kept removing the startup items, etc.

Is there any financial benefit to being paid bi-weekly over monthly? May 7, 2009 Barrington I give up. Disable it, and if a java applet doesn't work a year and a half from now, enable it, update, and disable again... Emily most of this type of .exe files are harmless if in doubt, do not delete them, quarantine it paul This is a part of Office XP and Windows XP.

You'll also want to take a look at the first Settings tab, and make sure that your "Installed Services" box looks similar to this one: If you have more than one It would seem apparent that ctfmon DOES affect the speed with which my computer can access the Internet. It (ctfmon.exe) was a head ache for me. weblink Then when the start page is sitting there with what I am searching for typed in, then I connect and the jusched box does not activate.

Never run Office before and never will. NormalScience; Webmaster It's a pain to remove the legit one - you have to read the MS knowledge base, just stopping in MSconfig often doesn't work. i do not have office installed and yet it runs. Another plus for Open Office.

Java still works fine, I haven't tested this does actually prevent the update but I'm pretty confident it'll break it. Disable via Java Options "Autocheck" to save some RAM. Ceruleancat A keylogger found in 6 places on my computer Davy Hallelujah! Ben doing weird crap on my winXP desktop.

Thankyou every one for the tips Mark well this file is used for auto updates in suns java2 and is completly unesscary so I just disable it Amean Dude This process Glenn Mcdaniel Show all 251 comments If you know more about jusched.exe, share your knowledge and help other users. All I have loaded is Outlook. hyperthread Blocked with my firewall.

I do not run anything that needs this program, I have it disabled under msconfig, and I have most addons for IE7 disabled, but it still reactivates itself with IE7. April 13, 2008 zoltan if i turn it off in the control panel ("turn off advanced text services") i loose my ability to switch between languages, in text writing? (thats what Whenever I boot I terminate at least 15 processes so they don't tie up resources. Not required - uncheck via Printer configuration rather than MSCONFIG.

Just remember that if you haven't disabled ctfmon through one of the other settings this won't help you a lot. I cleaned PC with MS Spyware program and Spybot Search&Destroy. I disabled this in the control panel also disabled it in the msconfig under run but it still runs on boot up dont like programs that do what they want jave

Sherb Part of Java as update sheduler.

For those of you who do not know how to get there Win XP: Help and suport, tools, system configuration utility. October 10, 2009 Keith I was having mucho problems with my wireless internet connectivity. ctfmon.exe is NOT a virus! Default behavior easily changed through the Control Panel - Java Plug In - Update tab - uncheck "Check for Updates Automatically" and be sure to press the "Apply" button before closing

Should I just delete it?" I was wondering about this myself, it makes IE start in ONLINE mode, even when I set it to offline and reboot. And it's gone. Bill It's used by Office XP/2003 and it's not a big deal. This ctfmon.exe can be annoying, as even after disabling it, it remains in Task Manager.

It is a non- essential system process which runs in the background even after quitting all programs. The people who say it doesnt use much cpu time obviously havent had it stop responding.