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Problem With Vista Disk Managementbeing Robbed

And while it may have started as a partnership, in the end Microsoft is going to end up locking the movie companies into selling content in its proprietary formats. Matt Palmer • February 12, 2007 11:22 AM Well, I just advised a friend of my father's to get XP rather than Vista, although this wasn't to do with the DRM. Since I/O is being streamlined at the point of origin, fragmentation is proactively eliminated from ever becoming an issue in the first place. I wanted to create a new partition on my 160GB laptop hard drive, other than the two that were already created. Check This Out

Although SSDs should never be “defragged,” fragmentation prevention has enormous benefits. If that form is itself a competitive market for regulation&security then you have Anarchism. 'Otherwise, you wouldn't have any basis of value (money) for the market to operate with.' Ah, but I must be missing something when it comes to using this program, any help or pointers will be greatly appreciated. The battle against DRM will not be won by stirring up public outcry (unless another Sony rootkit fiasco comes about--and, believe me, soon enough another will), but by hackers and crackers

When you don't have to worry about your computer anymore, you can start living again ! Quit your moaning and go back to work! TIA for any advice!

I expect people to have all kinds of problems just because of the drm features. Walling’s computer was later updated with the printer’s Windows Vista driver. With both engines reducing I/O to storage, that means the usual requirement from storage to process 1GB via 80K I/O drops to 60K I/O at a minimum, but often down to Then it wouldn't format the newly freed space.

Michael December 3, 2008 Krishna has anyone tried this on HP Pavilion dv1050ee AMD TURION 64 - Vista Home Premium (SP1) ? Perhaps this information can help others. Problem with Vista Disk Management/Being robbed of hard disk space! my review here Basic Storage in Windows 2000".

I used the "First Method" and could open the computer manager I used also the first part of the "second Method" which open also successfully the Computer management files. 3. The area of the disc that is used for holding configuration data that describe the volumes that LDM manages. This will test the operation without actually changing your disk geometry. Thanks a lot.

Could the state of HD be responsible for the behaviour of the GParted LiveCD in my case? http://blog.seattlepi.com/microsoft/2008/06/17/man-gets-windows-vista-to-work-with-printer/ December 21, 2007 Pergh @Milad and Gonzalo: I do not know for sure, but the symptoms you are describing indicates that the disk driver the GParted Live CD used for your Are you able to install programs into this drive? 04-02-2008, 08:22 AM #9 dorn85 Registered Member Join Date: Apr 2008 Posts: 9 OS: vista no i can't install Not because the player is not capable of skipping, but because Hollywood forces the hardware into obedience and does not allow consumers to override.

its as if its not there, when i click on it in disk management it just makes a beep and i cant access a right-click menu like the rest of my http://jeffsthemes.net/problem-with/problem-with-vista-on-brand-new.html How Does V-locity help with flash storage? It's going veeeery slowly. Even though the consumer has a legitimate (if not legal) right to back up a copy of a movie he bought, this requires a knowledge of the available tools, and a

I want to make sure it works. March 28, 2008 mike I just booted the live CD trying to re-partition a SONY desktop because the C drive is running out of space, I noted another small 5GB partition, I do not own a single digital media file (audio or video) which has a single byte of DRM added to it. this contact form One extra challenge in Mr.

XP Disk Management may delete these extended partitions without warning.[11] One way to correct these mixed partition tables is to delete all partitions (reboot or reconnect drive) and use only one April 17, 2008 Hooman Hi guys I bought a dell laptop with 320 GB HDD and the OS is Vista Home Premium.I have tried to make c drive smaller and make October 27, 2008 jd2066 @Andrew: I would say it's not true as I used gparted to resize partitions on my SATA drive.

I avoid protected media.

I did copy-burn image of Gparted .iso on Roxeo creator and the file extension in the CD is gparted.dat .Once i booted through Gparted I could get the list of Hard Of course there will be a thousand hacks, but that's the idea in a nutshell. September 5, 2007 geek it worked finally, took about 3 hours to change the partition of my 500G sata HDD, and maybe i was lucky, no vista repair. ESG Labs examined the last 3,500 VMs that tested V-locity and noted a 40% average reduction in response time (see source).

By the way, have you had trouble accessing anything else that requires admin privelages? Rebooting my computer after it finished the partitioning took me to a blank screen with a blinking cursor. Diskeeper is priced per OS instance while V-locity is now priced per host, meaning V-locity can be installed on any number of virtual servers on that host. navigate here Since the Dell was supplied with a proper installation DVD, I decided to start from scratch, removing both the recovery and Vista partitions and creating two new 250GB partitions.

This is why the DRM described in the first link is not yet fully enabled in Vista. August 19, 2008 Joe Thanks so much for this information (about using GParted). Recovery dvd not needed. February 5, 2009 Jerry I'm in the process of doing this myself and found I didn't need to use the Vista boot disc or my laptop's recovery discs to repair the

Windows is only user friendly if you don't have to do anything technical or under the hood. March 6, 2009 PJM Hello, I'm having the same problem as "Steve GParted Lost". The fact that "the rich" is mostly comprised of inhuman entities (corporation and over-budgeted bureaucaracies) only makes it worse - even fewer people enjoy the "full" benefits of society. With todays processors, changing the disk headers, calculating the FileSystem Block/Header offsets/addresses/Tables should be microseconds in length.

Is there a way for me to extend C without formatting and reinstalling? When is MS finally going to accomplish these old tasks when alarmists like yourself predicted the same thing? "Some researchers think that this is the final straw that will drive Windows JamesM • February 12, 2007 12:05 PM @Joe Buck You are correct; there's nothing they can do about legacy devices. it said errors were fixed, but still cant boot WINDOWS!

Meaning I have my c: drive next to a d: drive partition that has data in it that I don't want to lose. What I want to know is when will Microsoft make sure my users don't accidentally infect their computers with spyware, adware, trojans, or viruses? while AMD is constantly touting their processors' lower power consumption as a selling point, MS is going out of their way to INCREASE power consumption unnecessarily, in order to fellate Hollywood January 25, 2008 Ben I wanted to leave an encouraging comment.