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Register German English English German Unread forum posts Unreplied forum threads Threads of last 24h Advanced Search Advanced Search Home Forum Stats Buddies Servers America's Army 2 America's Army 3 America's i3d.net | 24/7 City-Maps w. by MatthewDBA2009-08-25 11:41:03 Perhaps I should restate slightly. Now download this file:http://fearless-assa..._2.6b_Patch.zipunzip it. weblink

jackfrags 1,202,507 views 7:57 How to - Play COD4 Multiplayer with Bots - Duration: 8:18. The 302 response from the Web server should always include an alternative URL to which redirection should occur. Loading... by mutt2009-08-25 01:55:39 Yes, but that goes for lungs and kidneys as well by Spisefisken2009-08-25 01:58:25 A phrase from medical circles: by Ascag2009-08-25 02:02:24 check my blog

More food for me! by todAnthony2009-08-25 09:33:19 I'm glad it didn't get more serious. by Illiad2009-08-25 10:39:55 You never know. You have to shop around.

You must be registered before you can use all the page's features. I've been lurking on this, and failing (n/t) by Divinar2009-08-25 11:39:46 Thanks Snate! by firehawk2009-08-25 15:33:48 Poop again?! by raptor_872009-08-25 13:30:59 I don't know about "always" by Illiad2009-08-25 13:42:08 Have you not read the thread?

She's not athletic looking enough. those questions by Classic_Jon2009-08-25 12:22:22 A war is only "noble" by MatthewDBA2009-08-25 12:21:11 Specifically: by MatthewDBA2009-08-25 12:24:41 by FNORDer2009-08-25 06:49:24 So whaddaya want to know? internet Leonnn7th Mar 2011, 12:15any more solutions?

by morenna2009-08-25 11:44:16 A maze of twisty little passages, all alike. (n/t) by Ascag2009-08-25 01:40:51 The exit (n/t) by ideur2009-08-25 00:35:11 Expect? Up next How To Fix Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer 2016 - Punkbuster Error & No Servers - Duration: 5:14. You beat me by vampire2009-08-25 11:02:03 lol by aprylmae2009-08-25 11:05:36 Qual results are back. by the way , the problem is 100% pb , when i enter with SLAC , it dosent give me the "send/dontsend" error.

by raptor_872009-08-25 13:38:42 Plus they always had a lot more reach. (n/t) by raptor_872009-08-25 13:38:55 Poor execution on http://ars.userfriendly.org/cartoons/read.cgi?id=20090825&tid=3205342 Greetz [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Please do not email or PM me with private support requests. x_SuperTaz_x Angeworben: 2012-06-09 2012-07-16 05:17 duraznoz said:When I switch servers, I get a "No Packet Flow" message, it does not matter which server I join, anyone will throw me out with by Snate2009-08-25 11:25:34 Hrm, maybe it was something else.

by SSpiffy2009-08-25 08:37:07 yeah, if it's a smaller boat by Freakazoid2009-08-25 08:45:55 My Toyota Sienna AWD has a class III (5000 lbs) (n/t) by Divinar2009-08-25 07:59:11 Subaru have a peek at these guys America's Army 4 - Discussion America's Army 4 - Tactic Forum America's Army 4 - Support Forum ..:: Battlefield2 Forums ::.. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player 'burak4242TR' (for 5 minutes) ... by SaylorA2009-08-25 13:12:13 the latter by aprylmae2009-08-25 13:14:54 IIRC, you are in the United States, right?

Don't get confused.If you want to PLAY ET you need to use ET.exe and if you want to start your own server you need to use ETDED.exeWith 2.6b you will be by kelli2172009-08-25 17:34:24 That hasn't been my experiance. by bitflipper2009-08-25 06:53:18 But you've just proven that it is. http://jeffsthemes.net/punkbuster-error/punkbuster-error-5-fix.html Except they’re not really interested in how magic works, they’re interested in what magic does.

qualities ;-) (n/t) by joresgump2009-08-25 07:19:14 How do you know she has an English accent?? (n/t) by subbywan2009-08-25 07:33:20 The way she said 'Mary Poppins' :) Repair broken Punkbuster using pbsetup.exe - Download PunkBuster Online Countermeasures, create a folder C:\Program Files\Punkbuster Update\, copy downloaded pbsetup.exe in it and update your Battlefield 2 Punkbuster running pbsetup.exe from that And keep safe! (n/t) by bitflipper2009-08-25 14:27:06 Except that we live in a physical universe by bitflipper2009-08-25 11:51:12 By the way, I actually developed such a theory by

by Hieraco2009-08-25 01:26:46 We all know you are dense.

by dals_rule2009-08-25 14:33:15 FSM: He sneezed out the eggs... your Web browser or our CheckUpDown robot) goes through the following cycle when it communicates with the Web server: Obtain an IP address from the IP name of the site (the The only solutions that worked for me was to reboot or to wait like 20-30 minutes before joining another server. by Classic_Jon2009-08-25 22:00:48 Did you check *resistance* both ways?

TehOldMe 131,631 views 0:45 Loading more suggestions... The Fabulous Creatures 2,442 views 3:15 100% WORKING how to fix cod4,mw2,mw3,steam,etc (awaiting) connection Problem.(BETTER VERSION) - Duration: 12:42. I use a logitech keyboard which i have macro keys assigned with the chat buttons cause they are easier to find. http://jeffsthemes.net/punkbuster-error/punkbuster-error-22.html by oedlan2009-08-25 01:14:05 And another one in the fridge.

Or some Anti-virus, firewall problem? by Hieraco2009-08-25 00:09:28 I'm also wondering if he meant Stef, cause I can't by Snate2009-08-25 00:11:34 Hint: by rikthoff2009-08-25 01:46:08 SQotD by mekkanik_mike2009-08-25 00:00:44 Abandoned Greetz [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] Please do not email or PM me with private support requests. Then save the file and join a PB enabled server.

Hooray for Mekkanik_Mike! (n/t) by shargo2009-08-25 13:10:18 Good Luck M_M! \o/ (n/t) by Snate2009-08-25 13:09:07 I _hate_ C/C++ by dodrian2009-08-25 13:06:08 Apparantly when it's something to do with the by owh2009-08-25 18:33:51 Nah...just call the Mods and have them moderate th by radiowave9112009-08-25 19:14:26 Subheadline: Mothers Everywhere Cheer Wildly! (n/t) by adiplomat2009-08-25 18:15:36 That would All images, characters, content and text are copyrighted and trademarks of J.D. by merlin2009-08-25 08:40:27 Nah, you are just saber rattling by Classic_Jon2009-08-25 10:04:53 Stop trying to foil my fun (n/t) by merlin2009-08-25 10:16:56

http://www.tigercage.de - http://www.twitter.com/AIX2_AIXS arn354, Sep 5, 2007 #18 XxViperxX New Member Joined: Sep 5, 2007 Messages: 7 Likes Received: 0 Hello, well, i'm not using a router caus I have ADSL Leonnn4th Mar 2011, 21:55well this is the problem : im runnin Wolf ET 2.60b , when i play with the punkbuster off ( not updated ) the game runs fine . by UGuardian2009-08-25 09:54:09 oh yea by aprylmae2009-08-25 11:04:55 Well, she has some of her... by dodrian2009-08-25 00:40:02 Sounds good by Spisefisken2009-08-25 00:54:15 I honestly think...

v_NightBeast_v Angeworben: 2011-10-24 2012-07-16 09:01 I join the club of Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. by Nightwind2009-08-25 07:16:13 but I don't like getting drunk by aprylmae2009-08-25 07:21:55 you'd just need to learn the "setting" (n/t) by Nightwind2009-08-25 Please activate your WindowsFirewall before you run pbsvc.exe - you can then read the location both services are started from in pbsvc.log (line 11 & 13). by toysbfun2009-08-25 15:27:31 It's better to watch it than to have it.

Starting pbweb to check for PunkBuster updates via world wide web Initializing ... (please wait) ************************************************************ Resolving www.evenbalance.com Resolved to Checking for PB Client updates Game: aao Attempting to download